In collaboration with several highly experienced international subsea specialist companies, TOM offers complete EPCIC for all subsea equipment found from the X-Tree spool connection to the final processing / storage interface point.

TOM’s personnel are experienced in all aspects of offshore subsea installation works. As a Company, TOM correctly assesses the installation scope, determines the optimal vessel(s) and charters the installation assets to complete the intended works. By operating in this manner, TOM is not restricted to the parameters of self-owned vessels and therefore can scale up or down to suit the needs of the End Client’s Project Specifications.



TOM is able to complete detail offshore engineering analysis covering the following fields;

  • Hydrodynamic (riser, flexibles, cables)
  • Mooring design & analysis
  • Heavy lift and installation analysis
  • Real-time & on-site analysis
  • Environmental assessment & modelling
  • Linear and non-linear FEA
  • Thermal analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Detail engineering of structural design
  • Structural analysis of GRP structures


TOM is able to provide complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of subsea equipment found from the X-tree spool connection to the intended storage / process facility i.e.;

  • PLR/RFO heads
  • ILT / HTT
  • SSIV
  • Spools
  • Riser bases
  • Manifold
  • Hang-off clamps
  • Tie-in & connection systems
  • Subsea tooling
  • GRP Covers


TOM is a proud and supportive member of a specialist consortium focused on;
“Providing Clients with specialist subsea engineering capacity, cost-effective fabrication capabilities and the experience to ensure efficient development of their subsea & offshore projects.”

Consortuim Partners;