Factory size of over 15000 square metres in Singapore which can be operated 24/7 depending on project-demand

Our Workshops

Frame Assembly Bay

Max Production Capacity - 20 Modules per day

M&E Assembly Bay

Production Capacity - 100 Modules/week

Dedicated Storage for M&E Materials

Safety and Productivity

Multi-purpose cradle and overhead cranes

Storage and Protection

Shrink wrap ventilated and sheltered

Factories Overseas

Together with RK Heavy Engineering Pvt Ltd (India), TOM started RK TOM Nutech Pvt Ltd in India. Started by Mr R. Karunanithi, the Chairman of RK Group of companies, this joint venture aims to provide timely delivery of quality products and services in precision machining and inspection in various sectors such as Marine, Oil & Gas, Automobile, Aviation and Aerospace.

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