Prefabrication MEP Outcomes

Positive outcomes are seen at each phase of the Prefab MEP Process

Prefabrication MEP Outcomes

Positive outcomes are seen at each phase of the Prefab MEP Process

Our Project Outcomes

With TOM’s 3 Key Strengths in Designing with BIM, its Infrastructure to support industry demands and harnessing robotics and automation solutions in Prefab MEP processes, TOM is able to ensure positive outcomes in the projects it undertakes.

Benefits of Prefabricated MEP Modules

Generally we have seen increased in productivity, improvement in safety and enhancement of quality. View below for the detailed actual outcomes that we have captured from our current projects and projects which we are collaborating with BCA and other companies.

Increase Productivity Significantly
 Improves Workplace Safety
 Reduce Material Wastage
 Enhances Quality Control

Design Stage

  • Shorter time taken to reach the finalized drawings because facilitation among stakeholders are more efficient
  • Less ceiling / riser space because M&E services are compact together

Manufacturing Stage

  • Reduced material wastage because there is better planning and estimation by MEP contractors
  • Greater efficiency in assembling MEP because of easier access to tools and materials at the factory
  • Less worker traffic on-site as assembling of MEP works are done off-site
  • Less weather dependence thus greater schedule certainty
  • Better lighting, ventilation and storage of tools/equipment
  • Modules are completed on raised platforms (ergonomically-friendly)
  • Heavy completed modules are moved on platforms with castors or with overhead cranes in the factory
  • MEP works are done in a safe, comfortable and less stressful environment
  • Standardisation and mass production can be achieved easily

Installation Stage

  • 1200 mts (10 services x 120 mts) length of MEP services can be installed to the soffit in 3 days
  • Faster commissioning of systems on site due to reduced failure rates (T&C are conducted in the factory)
  • Fewer manpower required to install with TOM’s Helical Elevator
  • Integrated digital delivery process
  • Reduction in wait-time for crane services on-site with TOM’s Module Hoist System
  • Efficient monitoring of modules delivery and installation with TOM’s Digital Delivery System
  • Reduction in workers working at height
  • Fewer QP and Safety personnel required on-site
  • Less M&E failure due to better QA/QC
  • Less reworks on site
  • More mechanical connections were done for the modules

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