Prefabrication MEP

A wide range of MEP services can be prefabricated in modules

Prefabrication MEP

A wide range of MEP services can be prefabricated in modules

A game-changing technology

Prefabricated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) possesses the potential to create the greatest impact in this industry among the DfMA technologies.

The Process

1. Design Phase

  • Design drawing submission
  • Coordinated Service Drawing (CSD) submission
  • Production drawing submission
  • Material submission

2. Production Phase

  • Material Procurement
  • Prefabrication of Modules
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Protection of Modules
  • Storage of Modules

3. Installation Phase

  • Visual Inspection of Modules Delivered to Site
  • Transportation to Position for Installation
  • Marking and Setting out Modules’ Positions
  • Install and Connect Modules to the Mains
  • Testing and Commissioning the Entire System


Designing is a key process in Prefab MEP. TOM has a strong team of BIM Modelers stationed in Singapore and an overseas team. With past (3D drawing in Offshore projects) and current experience, TOM has the capacity to discuss and plan with various stakeholders such as the architects and structural consultants and the M&E contractors, to design modules to meet the constraints such as limited ceiling space, soffit height and unusual corners.

The Advantages

Adopting Prefab MEP yields many advantages which cut across the 3 phases in the prefabrication of MEP process

The Applications

From Onshore (eg. high-rise to low-rise) to Offshore (eg. rigs to shipyards)

Our Services

World-class services for our clients around the world

TOM provides a wide range of services in Prefab MEP in the Onshore sector and Modularisation in the Offshore sector. 

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