Prefabrication MEP Modules

A wide range of MEP services can be prefabricated in modules

Prefabrication MEP Modules

A wide range of MEP services can be prefabricated in modules

Types of Modules

Prefabrication in MEP systems is the practice of manufacturing / assembling components of building services in a factory or other manufacturing site and transporting complete assemblies of MEP components or sub-assemblies to the relevant construction site. These assemblies are often known as MEP modules or prefabricated MEP modules.

Horizontal Modules

The Horizontal Ceiling Modules will aim to include the most, if not all the MEP service components in the ceiling. Typical module is of 6m in length and the width of the module varies. The services in the module are arranged as multiple tiers, with each tier consisting of coordinated services with due consideration of Best practices, SCDF codes and other Singapore regulatory requirements.

Vertical Modules

The vertical riser module comprises of riser ducts, pipes and electrical services.
The vertical services in each riser in horizontally installed at the factory. The
vertical riser module design is highly dictated by the type of installation method
chosen and the securing method to the Structure being either floor mounted or wall mounted. They can be single service riser or multi service risers.

Packaged Modules

Prefabricated MEP plant modules are fully assembled with control panels, instruments, Pumps mounted onto skids, Vales and Cable termination for power supply and interfaces for Building Management systems with Fire Alarm. The Modules will also come with suitable Lifting lugs and other arrangement for Hoisting and Installation.

“Prefabricated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems is identified as a game-changing technology under the DfMA continuum.”

Neo Choon Keong, Deputy CEO Industry Development Building and Construction Authority

Product Add-ons

Add-ons to form a highly integrated DfMA Solution

Integrated Catwalk/ Access

Coordination of M&E Trades right from the Design Stage until the Installation for Successful Implementation of Prefab MEP Scope.


Integration of Architecture walls will avoid site sequencing issue, increase installation labour and M&E productivity by having the wall penetrations done at the factory itself.

Public Housing

Firestops for Riser or Horizontal modules can be integrated for better quality and productivity.

Fire-rated Board

Any Fire rated panels/ boards part of architectural wall or panels required for fire rating the services can also be integrated into the module.

Riser Doors

Integration of riser doors and wall as part of the DfMA riser module.

Architectural Ceiling

Integration of architectural ceiling into the module will also benefit the M&E in terms of having the lights and other fixtures into the DfMA at the factory.

Prefab MEP

TOM is at the forefront in this methodology in the Building and Construction Industry in Singapore


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